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Cake Artistry Classes

Want to learn to make a chararter cake, or a barbie 3D cake? Or how about just the basics of cake artistry?

Well we have what your looking for and more. Check out our Cake Artistry Classes tab to book your next lesson. 

You can now have B's Sweets Delivered to your Door or Office!!

Check out our menu on Dinner Delivered!

Birthday Parties!


Come celebrate your birthday with friends, while making your very own cupcakes!


During the party, each guest will create two cupcakes. While they are in the oven, pizza will be served and gifts will be opened. Then, it's back to the kitchen to decorate the freshly-baked, tasty creations.


Guests will be able to enjoy one cupcake there and have another to take home as a party souvenir. Think of all the fun you or your child can have with no mess to worry about!


Party reservations are available Saturdays or Sundays from 2:30 to 4:30 p.m.  for up to 8 guests, ages six and older. Booking prices start at $180. 

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